N-Type Male LMR 400


– Cable group: G37 (2.7/7.25)
– Dimensions: a=36.5, b=14.5 mm
– Remarks: crimp/crimp


Telegartner NTM-400 is a LMR 400 N-Type Male, precision, weatherproof coax connector supplied with a screw coupling.

This connector can be used up to 11 GHz. Only 50 Ω impedances are available. Connector styles are available for flexible, conformable, semi-rigid and corrugated cable types.

Both crimp and clamp cable termination processes are used for the NTM-400. Special design techniques for this connector has resulted in excellent levels of performance with regard to return loss (VSWR) and intermodulation distortion.

Applications for the NTM-400 connector include signal and data transmission where vibration resistance and environmental protection is required.

The NTM-400 provides a medium-power high-frequency solution for coax connections.
Mating face sealing for N connectors between plug and jack (mated) according to IP 68.