Stripper UTP Tool


– Flat wire stripper for stranded phone wire: 2p, 4p, 6p, 8p, 10p, as well as network cabling
– Round cable stripper W/guides by rotating 1 to 3 times counter clockwise for round cable
– tough plastic insulations 12-14-16 SWG cable and electric wire
– Adjusting bold control for fixed size available for matching different cable sizes
– Sharp SK-2 blade for cutter and stripper can be replaced
– Light weight, middle carbon steel material, durable and compact tool
– Body made of Polyacetal resin
– Length: 112mm



This cable stripping tool by Linkbasic is designed to reduce the time required to prepare both coaxial and twisted-pair cable for termination.

The tool includes an adjustable cutting blade, which is specifically designed to accurately strip the jacket from a 4-pair cable without damaging the conductors.