Wireless Surge Protector 0-6GHz


– Frequency Range: 0-6GHz
– N-Type Male to N-Type Female Bulkhead
– Impedance: 50Ω
– V.S.W.R.: <1.5:1
– Insertion Loss: 0.6dB
– Maximum handling power: 10W
– Insulation Resistance: DC 100V more than 50M Ω
– DC Discharge voltage: DC 230V ±20%
– Initial Impulse Wave Discharge Voltage: Less than 700V 1KV /μ sec
– Rated Impulse Wave Discharge: 10KA 8/20 μ sec 5 times
– Working Temperature: -30°c ~ +85°c


The Wireless Surge Protector by RF Pro’s is a 0-6GHz Wireless Surge Protector.